About the brand

About the brand

SLXWORLD is curation of luxury statement pieces. Founded in 2021 by Susannah Wheatcroft. It is a space where fine art and fashion are fused. 

Our clothing is special and unique, it holds magic within it and it aims to make YOU feel that way too. We are a self-love brand. Each purchase is a choice to celebrate yourself.  

As part of our slow fashion ethos, we do our ABSOLUTE BEST to produce all our clothing in THE most sustainable and ethical way possible. Each and every garment is hand-made in London - with the greatest love and care put into each stage of the development and making process. Ensuring the greatest quality is at the very top of our priorities to ensure the longevity of your items because SLX garments are 'forever'. To be collected and treasured. 

All of our prints are made in house. Collages and digital paintings, derived from creative director Susannah's lens on life. SLX prints celebrate the 'extraordinary ordinary'. Inspiration is taken from anywhere and everywhere - Objects, Places, Foods, Crafts Life forms - re-contextualised and elevated into there final art works. Each clothing silhouette made to echo its print,  canvas and artwork as one. Playful surrealism is woven through each collection, blurring the lines between costume and fashion. Celebrating maximalism.  

Happy browsing and happy shopping.



Manufacture and shipping.

All our items are hand-made with love in the UK. Please allow 21 days for processing and manufacture, before shipping.

Delivery times.

UK delivery takes 1-2 days after manufacture. 

International delivery takes 7-10 days after manufacture.

Returns and Exchanges.

Unfortunately SLXWORLD cannot currently accept refund and exchanges. 

Please be aware that all purchases are final. 

This Is due to the handmade nature of each garment. Each piece is produced meticulously by hand by our small team in London. 

Please be sure before buying :)